New Artists To Watch #1 Liberty Worship Collective

Liberty Worship Collective is a worship team and mentorship program that comes from Liberty University in the USA. Every year over 1,200 young people audition to join the Liberty Worship Collective. Of those 1,200, less than three percent will be selected to attend a year long mentoring program before leading worship with the team. Now, Sounds of Liberty the university’s flagship travelling group has been travelling and singing about Jesus for more than 45 years! Fast forward a few decades and Sounds of Liberty is a park of the larger group Liberty Worship Collective

They have some amazing songs that I have been loving! Also have played a few of their songs on my radio program on Bible Radio – Are You 4 Real.

Of all the songs, the current fan favourite is the song Run.

I run, I run
I run to Your goodness
I dance, I dance
I dance in Your presence
I lift, my hands, for all that You've done for me

They have two releases that have come out. A self titled album released in March 2017 with 10 songs. I have to admit, I have been loving their arrangements. The skill and musicality that they have is right up my alley. They released a single September 2018 called Victory. Again, have been loving this group and what they do.

“Sounds of Liberty continues to bless congregations around the country. 
Their ministry has been powerful every time they have visited The Brooklyn Tabernacle.”
– Jim Cymbala, Pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Liberty university is a great solid Christian university found in Lynchburg, VA USA. Virginia’s largest university – and a Christian one! They have a solid school and online program as well.


4 thoughts on “New Artists To Watch #1 Liberty Worship Collective

  1. Jenna

    Love their song VICTORY so much truth on the lyrics.

    Yes, God is my strength in every season.. my constant in every battle.. and the One who fights for me as I stand in His promise.

    Thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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